unfold the day gatherings


What is it?

An opportunity to gather as a small group for a chat and a wander.

Where is it?

The get-together will be held in Manchester city centre, and will be small (approx. 6 max, myself included!) and informal as heck (i.e. very get-together-with-friends-y).

What will we do?

We'll head to a cafe and then wing our way outside (comfy shoes will be a must!). This isn't an 'event', it's not a 'tour', it's a way to meet new people, make new friends, chat, laugh (I'll make sure that happens, no matter the cost to self...*dusts off my dancing shoes*), and explore (a bit of...don't worry, I won't make you walk for miles and miles!) the city.

What's included?

Scintillating conversation and jolly bloody good company?! Please note: all costs (i.e. drink, any food) will need to be covered by individuals.

When will it be?

I'm looking at future events from end of May 2018 onward, although it's most likely the next gathering will be held in June. If there are any Sundays you know you can't do, please share this info with me below.