This past week saw me with a task set - a hunt for colour, birthed from the ask by @igersmcr to takeover Manchester City Council's Instagram for a 'working' week, the theme (that is 'colour') chosen because all I ever bloody hear is that it's grey in Manchester (which is true, there are grey buildings aplenty, but then, it is also true of a lot of other city's...Aberdeen springs to mind, streets lined with beautiful grey-stone architecture), that it's wet in Manchester (which is also true, but no more - at least, in my early-days experience - than other places I've lived here in England...and, of course, I do live in England, so, what do you expect?!), and...that's about it, and thus I felt a tugging pull to show off the colour of the city to make others see - I'm all about proving you wrong, it seems! - there's more to Manchester than meet's the I-told-you-it's-wet-all-the-time eye!

Starting with an introduction to my large and grinning (spent a little too much time trying to get a shot in which shadow and light played!) self, I went on to take followers on a (condensed, slightly concentrated to where I could get to at lunch/where I could drag my weary bones to after work) tour along the waters of Ancoats and New Islington, via public-transport-swerved-through streets, into a shopping centre, across to Piccadilly Gardens, down side alleys, and over rooftops, via front-of steps, reflections, and right back around to Ancoats once more.

A most valuable of experiences, the week pulled me up and out of an in-life slump, tapping deep into my (often, thanks to every day tiredness, stifled) creative core, providing an opportunity to head out the house and into the week with a firm, 'let's do this!' intention, and challenging me (thus getting the ol' juices flowing) to approach the norm with wide, scour-the-scenes eyes in the need set to avoid the obvious and over-familiar (or, at the very least, to capture such in a way that didn't look 'done').

Left with a collection of behind-the-scenes, not-quite-right-for-the-day shots, you'll find these weaved alongside those shared on both MCC's account, and my own, below.

Let me know your favourite!