In the City | Manchester 01

It was the intention set of trying to pack stuff into/do more on my lunchbreak that did it - to fill out the hour in a way that didn't just consist of me sitting on my bum and eating my packed lunch (before taking myself off to do some kind of try-not-to-buy wandering), leaving me - instead - with a sort-of hunger-for-more to head this (the High Street) way and that (on to the Town Hall!), earphones plugged into some podcast (or, now audiobook) or other, in the hope of finding a small glimmer of a photo-opportunity in the busy-bodies that moved past, and the every day - now familiar - scenes unfolding before me.

It started with a market stall. Teaming with life, colour, noise...a Manchester-hive of humans. Then, in contrast, a briefcase wonkily captured on the way down. Grey-white backdrop, wide-stride walking. Magnificent buildings set off by the play of shadow and light, flashes of colour in fabrics and objects dotting the scenery, and a glimpse of one of them from eleven floors up. A local business, wish-them-to-be green fingers itching at the take-home possibilities. Finally, street athletes. A from-a-different-angle. The Cupcakes haven, decked out in bright pink. Of old against new, and history posed in front of, all tied up with the waters, cold, grey and blustery, glass reflecting sky, sky reflected in softly-moving waves.