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Sunday August 21st, 2016

It was as good a day as any to start, full of ever-so-familiar every day (staying inside for most of it) stuff that trailed moments of normalcy through the long-stretching, yet fast-paced ("where has the time got to?!") like-any-other Sunday hours. Sun-up (at least, Tori-up) later than normal - it being a day-after-the-night-before one - it began (began = when I had my first cup of tea) at 9am, morning tumbling into afternoon with a blink-and-pretty-much-miss-it frequency, afternoon hours differentiated from earlier ones with a brief trip outside to buy food, the evening short, food finished after 9pm, and a made-my-way-to-bed time hovering around a little-later-than-usual 11pm.

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to you

Are there moments of my everyday that reminded you of your own? Or, do our hours look entirely different?

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