Pioneer Coffee Shop: for all your freelance, food, and free wifi needs

 Photo of me taken by  Jenna

Photo of me taken by Jenna

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Over these past 18 months of living in the city, I’ve seen quite the number of new biz’s pop up, from shops and co-working spaces, to restaurants and independent cafes. One most recent of-the-latter addition, Pioneer, has housed itself in The Federation building near Victoria Station (and so, if you’re heading into or out of the city from that’a way, they’re perfectly poised for you to pop on by), its yawn-wide interior sprawled about with sink-into sofas, mismatched table and chairs set-ups (and hung-from-the-exposed-pipes, you've got to take a photo of it greenery) pitching itself as a do-it-all spot for your freelance, food, and free wifi needs!

Invited over to try out their menu* (and who am I to look such a gift horse in the mouth?!), Jenna (who responded to a last minute invite, the darling that she is, with a 'give me 15 mins’!) and I bounded over on a Saturday lunch time to give their daytime menu a once-over, bellies prepped and ready for some grub-ing.

Welcomed in with a smile, we chose a high-stool table (because sink-into sofas don’t quite work when you want to eat ALL THE GRUB), and ordered ourselves some thirst-quenchers (sparkling water, she, English breks, me) before opting for the ‘Things on toast’ (bacon and egg), and ‘Smash my Avocado’ (avo and poached eggs on pushed-the-boat-out extra bacon). Note: heavy on the breakfast/brunch-type foods, I’d certainly like to give their evening (/Sunday roast) menu a gander, to see how they differ, and check out what other, less on-bread options they have on offer.

Topped with the most perfectly poached, deep-fiery-orange-hued eggs, I scoffed down my avo-y wonder with much mirth, the toppings a little on the overwhelm-the-one-slice-of-toast side (sidebar-ing: if I’m ordering something that comes on toast, I am rather partial to two slices, a la Jenna’s dish...nothing better than a mouthful of something-with-a-crunch, rather than just a squidge of topping!), in between sweet-sweet-nectar sips of Manchester-made Brew Tea Co tea (I ordered two mugs. Because, tea), and (about Morrissey, weddings, and creativity) conversation.

Full after our fill, we wandered the space snapping photos (as one obviously does when one is a creative, dahhhhling...or, in my case, crap-of-memory), grinning at selves in the mirror behind a ceiling-to-floor collection of swoonsome teapots (you guys...I’ve never had a teapot...might this need to change?!)  before heading out the door (although not without first checking to see if there were any ‘sweets’ on offer...there’s always prod-room for something sweet!) and on our merry, departed-for-different way!

Check Pioneer's instagram to find out how it is currently accessible to the public (at the time of writing, they were having door issues!). With plenty of light, tables of different varieties, food and drink, AND wifi on offer, it’s a great try-it-on-for-size spot should you be looking for somewhere new to work/eat/procrastinate from!

*Pioneer offered me the opportunity to visit for free, to try out their menu. There was no expectation for content in return for the visit, but I’m popping some up anyway because I enjoyed myself, and my food, and’s always nice to be able to champion local!