Thoughts on leaving the city


It isn’t happening yet, because it hasn’t been totally 100% here’s-your-moving-date confirmed, but this year (come spring) we will be leaving the city, and this view, for pastures mostly-new (with a Church and cemetery near the house which is so #goals that I squeal with mirth when thinking of it!).

We won’t be going far, our search narrowed down by can-catch-a-tram-from-it whereabouts, but we’ll no longer be based in the centre, instead digging ourselves a little for-thee-and-me spot and placing in them ‘first-house’ roots some 20-odd minutes north.

We moved away from home over 5 years ago now (he a 23 year old, me 26) to attend university in Nottingham, where we rented our very first flat - all behind-gates entranceway, 10 foot high ceilings, and bare red brick. Merrily we lived until served a ‘we want to sell the flat notice’ in the February of our final year at university (thanksss), after which we were forced to vacate (despite pleas to stay through exams until June) and move into our only option - a one bed ‘studio’ flat in student halls, where we slept in an almost-single bed, cooked on an only-hob cooker, and showered pretty much over the toilet, in a cupboard, for 4 months (nothing like loud, smoked-in-their-rooms neighbours when you’re trying to study for final exams AND find oneself somewhere new to live).

After Nottingham came Sheffield and its Park Hill estate, somewhere I was rather darn charmed by for the 6 weeks after our move...until a, shall we say, run-in with a luverly jubberly bunch of teens (who could gain access to the building...fob doorway be climbing the exterior spiral staircase) that decided it’d be hilariousss to boot and break the lift whilee I was in itttt, and thus leaving me feeling anxious about living there for the final...hmmmmm….46 weeks of our residency.

Then came Manchester. We moved in ( our final rental place...fingers crossed!) in August 2016, newcomers to the city, one of us with job, one of us without (chances are you won’t need to do much in the way of guessing who was who), with hopes and wishes, and all sorts of what’s-to-come wonderment!

The city has become a huge and most prominent part of my world, and especially the one which I share with others. Warmed to almost instantly, my love has grown in leaps and frickin' cover-the-miles bounds, the bond strengthened after 22/05/17, the connection between it and Unfold The Day almost can't-tell-one-from-the-other. It has been a pleasure to live here (annoying neighbours aside), right in the middle of it all, a joy to have carved Manc into my heart, and it is with whole-body-shaking delight that I get to call myself an honourary Mancunian!

Manchester will still be my city, so it won't be a goodbye (just another page turned), but I will miss it, Ancoats, and this across-the-red-brick view.