Convenience Store, Northern Quarter

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Offer me an opportunity to head somewhere for a free cocktail (or, you know...five), and I’ll be there quicker than one can say ‘TEQUILA!’, ready and raring for some night-on-the-tiles (not going to act my age) fun.

One such occasion arose recently when my magical moonbeam, Jess, asked me to accompany her to Convenience Store, an NQ bar that parades itself as might have already guessed it….convenience store (albeit one that on-brand proclaims the sale of tacos, beer, and hard liquor), its windows ablaze with come-on-in-for-a-nose neon.

Despite disappointing the staff who had expected me to be a dog (of the actual, animal kind...Jess, you mustn’t ever make animal promises again, I can't handle the looking-at-me-in-disappointment heartbreak!), we quickly warmed their ‘who even is she?!’ hearts, knocking back cocktail after cheesy-tacos-accompanied cocktail with a ‘guess what ingredient we can taste?’ inquisitiveness (I think it was bourbon but I was convinced it was amaretto...or maybe it was amaretto. Who knows? TEQUILA!), the hours whiled away by the dancing to well-thought-out playlists that added to the 'have another?' atmosphere.

Made all the more appealing by a hark-back-to addition of an arcade game (and slightly confusing by the display of not-for-sale American sweets), Convenience Store convinced me pretty darn hard that it's a welcome, 'why not give it a go?' addition to the NQs bar scene. Come for the expectation of convenience store basics (Eggs? Milk? Bread? Not on my nelly, but you can pull up a pew and grab yourself a Flaming Mo!), and stay for the neon-glow'd fun times.