Indie Business | Artsynibs - Modern Calligraphy in Manchester

Back in 2014, I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to attend The Blogcademy's mixer in London, an evening of (supped on far too early for me) fizz, friends, and fun, run by the academy's founders Kat (of Rock N Roll Bride), Shauna (of Nubby Twiglet and We Are Branch), and Gala (of Gala Darling).

I mention this because, after we'd sat down to listen to the ladies chat about all things biz, something Shauna said stuck with me...something along the lines of how she'd never before have believed that she'd one day spend her time running workshops and presenting in front of/talking to a group of people, that was until she found something she felt passion for to talk about with those said groups - how it was because of that passion she'd found the words had come easily.

Those words of hers made an appearance in mind once more during my attendance at Artsynib's recent Modern Calligraphy workshop. Run by Joyce, the session started with both an introduction to herself and the company, offered most comfortably (with a wonderful, at-ease knowing), and delivered in such a confident way that made me sit up, take notice, and recognise that, yes, this was someone very much in her element (and what a delight it was to witness. Nothing better than seeing someone so passionate about their craft!).

There to snap a few photos of the session, I found myself deeply engrossed - after a super interesting talk on the importance of breath, and posture - in the work of the attendees (from both behind the lens, and nestled into chair), watching brush strokes, hand placement, and adjusted posture with a new found – or rather, never before found – fascination of the all that goes into calligraphy, my own (lacking in any kind of 'I'm happy with') attempts thwarted by a brain that wouldn’t just let go and allow for a flow that met precision in lines and heights and curves!

Held in Manchester's city centre-based Ziferblat, a little break to stretch lead us out of 'The Dining Room' to the sitting/kitchen area, where - as suggested - we did 'as we pleased', my own personal tastes lending themselves to a search for mug, semi-skimmed, and English Breks tea, before the collecting of a plate and (with almost unbelievable constraint) picking of a biccie, or two, and a finger-slice of cake to accompany said cuppa, before a wander around to have a good ol' nose at the surroundings, and a return to witness more gorgeous lettering be whirled and swirled upon blank page.

Should you be interested in attending a workshop, deets can be found over here: Artsynibs Workshops

P.S. - Here's a flashback to said on-prosecco me, all plaits and pale pink hair, (intentional) sparkly ears, (unintentional) shiny skin, and the tipsiest of expressions!

L-R: Megan, me, Kat, Gala