#Manchester | This week has taught me

This week has taught me about kindness. About how that looks collectively, and is felt singularly.

It has taught me about friendship, about what it really looks like, and feels like, and the potentiality of every single stranger with a good word to become one.

This week has taught me about the power of words - the strength of those present, and the impact of those absent.

It has taught me about community in a way I'd never thought I'd be taught, and in some ways wish I hadn't, but in all ways that I'm deeply, to my core appreciative of.

This week has taught me about resilience. About hard heads and soft hearts.

It has taught me what it feels like to be reached out to, at all hours, from across all lands, and how that is how I want to be seen in the world.

This week has taught me about the importance of space - time, distance, and the very physical green kind that comes in splashes across city, and stretches around Manchester's corners in Moors and Peaks.

It has taught me to empathise with my own way of healing, to let go - as best I can - of frustrations and feel out each day as it comes.

This week has taught me to choose love.

Friends, what has this week taught you?

Because this is the place in our hearts, in our homes, because this is the place that’s a part of our bones.

Because Greater Manchester gives us such strength from the fact that this is the place, we should give something back.

Always remember, never forget, forever Manchester.

From Longfella's 'This is the place'