A sunny Saturday in Alderley edge

When the weather comes a'knocking with a fist full of get-outside sunshiney-rays, ain't nothing better to do then head out t'countryside for a good gulp-it-all-in walk!

One sunny Saturday - thanks to Karen's rather excellent suggestion over lunch at The Refuge on Friday! - we visited Alderley Edge (a super swish - daydream about living there because we'll never actually be able to afford to - member of the 'Golden Triangle' club), parking up in a resi area (to end all of them) dotted with stretch-miles-high houses, and soundtracked by the chinking of sat-on-the-pavement-in-the-sun glasses.

Alderley Edge 1

Heading to Squirrels jump (past the cricket pitch...safe to say I exhaled rather the large breath upon seeing no match was being played, otherwise M very much would have made us stay to watch!) we took to the trail (not without first meandering most slowly past the ridiculously HUGE houses, many of them Costa-del'd-white of fantastical facade), weaving way along the woodland edge and up to one of two viewing points, where we sat for a good three handfuls of minutes taking in the out-to-the-hazy-peaks view.

The Edge at Alderley Edge, Stormsy Point

Stopping to take a gander from where The Armada Beacon - part of the beacon'd warning systems dotted throughout the country, on the almost highest point of the edge, offering a great vantage point from where onward-news was sent about sightings of the Spanish Armada (news that took 12 hours to weave its way across countryside, from the south coast to York!) - once stood, a memorial stone now in its place bearing the inscription 'This record is the gift of a friend of Alderley Edge now in California 1961'.

After our pause we made our way to Stormsy Point, taking yet another seat upon (dates back to Triassic period...yup, that's some 250million years ago!) sandstone, surrounded by plenty of Saturday appreciators, chatting about our view (and the weather because, hi! We're oh SO British!), and appreciating the time gifted to lap up all that Vit-D good-ness!

Alderley Edge

Looping our way back (and taking a slight detour thanks to the woods very much - funnily enough - all looking very woody/very much the same!), we took ourselves off along the High St once more (not before heading down a road I liked the look of, where I found the beauty that is The Gardeners Cottage, build circa 1890 to house Chorley Old Hall's gardeners!), snaking steps into a couple of foody stores to pick up a little something in the way of sustenance, before car traipsing and city abounding!

Nothing better than some sunny Saturday weather, and a to-somewhere-new adventure!

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