Top 5 Podcasts of 2017

As a constantly-adding-more-to-my-playlist podcast enthusiast (specifically of the true crime variety that became rather thank-goodness-for-that popular in 2017), rarely a day has gone by in the past 365 (and, admittedly, the 730 before that) that I haven’t plugged myself into at least one ep, buoyed by the opportunity to make chores, every day dull moments, and tasks like walking to/around Tesco far more fascinating with a story or two unfolding into one’s ears.

Scrolling through one’s app-of-the-moment, I thought it’d be fun (she says, rolling the term loosely around her clucked tongue) to challenge myself to narrow down my list to a ‘top 5’...and trust me when I say that, as someone who is loath to pick and choose favourites, what a challenge it was! From a list of too many to mention, I’ve wrangled a tuck-into-your-pocket collection of choices, covering bases from (what else?) true crime, to true life, to true-ly makes-you-laugh, starting with…

Five - Someone Knows Something

"It was the wrong body...the search was not for him"

No one does make-you-feel-part-of-it storytelling like David Ridgen, award-winning filmmaker, and host of SKS. From opening sentence Ridgen's comforting voice, empathetic nature, and inquisitive, must-find-it-out (because surely someone knows something?) digging has made every series of SKS a must-listen. From 2016’s enquiries into the cold cases of Adrien McNaughton and Sheryl Sheppard, to 2017’s re-visit to his 2007 documentary about the un-convicted murders of teenagers Charles Moore and Henry Dee at the hands of the KKK, Ridgen taps further into one’s shaken-to-the-core psyche with every episode, bringing tears to eyes, whispers of ‘why?’ to lips, and leaves listeners aching for let-them-have-peace answers.

Four - My Dad Wrote a Porno

"In fact, everyone here today is going home with a non-stick tin wok."

Brought to my attention by Jenna via insta-stories (because it’s ever a place now to gather oneself some all-sorts-of inspo), I had no real clue what to think before I pressed play for the first time (back in November - yup, I chowed down darn-swiftly on those 3 series!), preparing myself for ‘basically all the good stuff’ (aka adult themes and naughty words), and OH goodness was it the best kind of split-sides surprise. Rocky’s how-did-he-come-up-with-that ‘plot’ lines, and the trio’s responding sways between gleefully delighted, and mightily disgusted makes for the best of in-yer-earholes chatter, exactly the sort that has you wishing you could join them around the table for a chortle over a glass or two!

Three - Heavyweight

"Lying on my stomach on the floor of the darkened studio, I finally feel like a real life popular girl"

There’s something about the cheeky-chappy charm of Heavyweight’s host, Jonathan, that makes this a rather splendid, tuck right under one’s ribs poddy, the tales he tells of the perceived ordinary spun in a way that makes them oh-so extra. A shove-all-the-words in storyteller (that all the more makes me very much want to be him when I grow up), Jonathan is a demystify-er of mysteries (think searching out the owner of spanned-years love letters found in an abandoned suitcase, or helping someone seek answers as to why they were kicked out of their college sorority), his let’s-get-to-the-bottom-of-this ways scratches the itchy-palms of wants-to-work-it-all-out listeners.

Two - S-Town

"Kissing on your belly and all around your red hair love"

This one. A twice re-listened-to wonder, S-Town dug-and-buried itself right beneath my skin, its human-ness, its ‘huh?’-ness, its keep-you-wondering chapters of a can’t-stop-listening sort meant that all 7 were swiftly emptied into ear drums, leaving me with an ‘I don’t want it to be over’ sadness that the passing of months had zero chance of soothing. Of the pull-at-one’s heartstrings variety, listen with the understanding that you might not ever get over (although…why would you want to?!) the story of shit town and that very special and most intriguing, super-tattooed and colourful-of character antiquarian horologist, John B. Thanks Brian.

One - My Favorite Murder

"Let's sit crooked and talk straight"

Since being introduced to MFM back in 2016 by those TLPOTL fellas, I have wolfed right on down MFM episode after MFM episode, familiarising myself with the voices of Karen and Georgia, moustached-Steven, and the purrs of a cookie-wanting kitty cat, in a way that makes MFM one of those ‘we could be friends!’ sorts I don’t ever want to end. Making this (since the age of 13, when I read an article about JonBenet Ramsey in Shout Magazine) fascination with true crime of mine feel far less...concerning, the MFM fam relay stories of murder, mystery, and there’s-something-in-the-walls horrors in a way that makes one gasp, stay-out-of-the-forest shout your lungs out, and laugh ‘til you (I'm in an SSDGM cult) call your Dad.

Touring the globe come 2018, I’ll be rocking up come May, no doubt proclaiming my #murderino-ness with an MFM tee (which one to pick though?!) and hand raised to tell my own hometown murder tale!

Honourable must-mentions: Reply All, Dumb People Town, Sword and Scale, Homecoming

Are you a podcast fan? What have been your favourites of 2017?