3 Independent Cafes in Sheffield

Music | Wolf Kisses - Otis McDonald

Although once resident of the city for a year, I barely ventured out of Sheffield's centre (that is, for anything food-related) while there, tending mostly to tea in not-far-from-me cafes (not for any reason other than sheer laziness and a want for convenience), which is why trips I take to Sheffield now as an out-of-town visitor are greatly appreciated thanks to their opportunity to try out something different.

Heading over for a day in November, my friend Charly and I managed to cover decent ground in Sheff, visiting a total of 3 independent cafes from not-long-ago-sun-up, to definitely-sun-down, in the following (meal of the day!) order!

Cafe #9, Nether Edge, Sheffield, Unfold The Day
Cafe #9, Nether Edge, Sheffield, Unfold The Day

Café #9

Situated in Nether Edge, next to firm Sheffield favourites the Bird House Tea Company (who are moving on up, moving on up with tea-riffic expansion plans that see them opening up shop in Kelham Island), Café #9 is all eclectic décor, cosy corners, and warm, welcome-you-in vibes.

Behind a bright-green-painted facade, the café has a chin-tapping, what-to-go-for-face-pulling collection of bevvy and food offerings, and hosts events from live music to poetry readings. It being before 11am, we opted for drinks only (a coffee and a cuppa), but something tells me I’ll be back again, to partake in a little something sweet!

Pom Kitchen, Sheffield, Unfold The Day
Breakfast Bowl, Pom Kitchen, Sheffield, Unfold The Day

Pom Kitchen

On one of my most favourite stretches of Sheffield streets (think many hues of indie-store frontages, hark-back haunts, and foodie places to grumble belly over), Pom Kitchen was a not-before-heard-of pitstop that beckoned with day-glo signage (‘Wild Things Run Free’) and bright white interiors.

Serving veggie and vegan grub (neither of which diet I have but, no matter! The treats they have are jolly bloody good for everyone!), Pom’s menu is not only a delight for the eyes (in its splendiferous burst of fronds-decorated design) but a true feast for the bellies - ordering the breakfast bowl in vegan (Charly) and Avo with Chilie Jam on Sourdough Toast (hands down the best Avo on toast that I’ve had in a long while!) we chowed down in mutual, ‘this is really bloody delicious!’ appreciation to the sounds of some 80s classics!

The Holt, Sheffield, Unfold The Day

The Holt

On more familiar-to-me territory, The Holt’s once-a-factory interiors came a’calling when the need for a rounding-out of the day's eating made itself known! Opting for tea (me. Always me!) and vegan hot chocolate, and a slice of vegan lemon drizzle cake each (soft and packed with a zesty punch), we took to a large table centre-stage (underneath a heater we promptly got used to the company of) before winding down our last hour.

Strung with photo-friendly fairy lights, and dotted with cushions and bodies doing their darndest to get to work on laptops, The Holt batch roasts coffee on site on Mondays and Thursdays, and – like Café #9 – hosts events, from Winter Craft Fairs, to workshops and exhibitions.

Which of these Sheffield spaces took your fancy, my friends?